Thoughts during first run of 22 Minute Hard Corps

I got a package in the mail yesterday!
…I opened it up to find a new military style fitness program.
Basic moves, nothing fancy.
Quick. Efficient. In & Out in 22 minutes.
Have you heard of P90X? This program has the same trainer, Tony Horton.
Also—–there’s a sandbag…and it’s HUGE! (<—just like my muscles will be! 😂)


I thought I should do a little “preview” workout before the group kicks off on Monday. I think I’ll spend the next two days recovering!

😆Just kidding.
You can totally do this, too💪
It’s time to get back to the basics….

Here are my thoughts during the first stab at 22 Minute Hard Corps with Tony Horton:

“T jacks? I got this.”

“Oh, all veterans? That’s neat.”

“Pssh. I can do that”
{8 counts later}
“Well that’s harder than it looks.”

“Tony isn’t very funny. Did he really just say that?”

“Wait. Gorilla what?!”

“Okay. Tony is a little funny.”

“Nothing is funny.”

“This move emphasizes my leg-jiggle”

“Be nice to yourself, Ali…now say something positive: ‘I’m excited to see my legs strengthen with this program.'”

“Thanks for the water break, Tony.”

“I’m glad I’m on carpet and not in the dirt like they are.”

“Soooooo- cardio is hard.”

“Look at how cute Nora is over there watching me jump around look a goofball.”

“I’m tapping out. Okay, I won’t. But I really want to.”

“These moves are actually all simple. Not easy. But simple.”

“Ohhh I’m going to feel this tomorrow.”

“Where is that modifier?”

“March, Tony. I’m just gonna March.”

“This is tough.”

“There’s Tony thinking he’s funny again.”

“Is it over yet?”
Yup! It is. Because it’s only 22 minutes….a no-nonsense 22minutes!

There are about 30 of us starting the REAL DEAL on Monday. Want to join us? Get back to the basics with us!

Shoot me an email ( to get in on this!


New fitness program? I’m skeptical…

22HC— I’m a little SKEPTICAL —

Can you blame me?

My husband is in the Armed Forces, and I was (indirectly) there while he went through some intense training. His days were WAY longer than “22 minutes” (😂😂😂) … so I’d by lying if I said the title of this new fitness program didn’t throw me for a little spin. Being real.

Here me out, though, on why I’m giving “22 Minute Hard Corps” a shot anyway….

1️⃣The idea behind this program came when our CEO didn’t want the “u-rah-rah encouraging cheerleader” type of trainer during a morning workout….he wanted somebody yelling at him, telling him what to do.
➤I have days I need this, too.

2️⃣ A good friend was a participant in the official “test group” before it was released to the public, and her results are 👌
➤I’m curious if I can have similar results.

3️⃣Tony Horton (the 22 Minute Hard Corps trainer) is also the creator of P90X….which is a very credible program.
➤I know P90X revolutionized home workouts – I’m interested.

4️⃣I’m short on time, and since my goal (like many of you) isn’t to be in the military but I wouldn’t mind that style of workouts.
➤This seems like a good option.

5️⃣Ultimately, I trust the company I partner with to ONLY put out quality products.
➤I’ve only had good experiences; I’d like to trust them on this one, too.

PLUS- there aren’t any actors in this program…all of Tony’s backup are veterans (how NEAT is that?!)

🇺🇸I hope my skepticism slaps me right in the face!🇺🇸

If you have little to zero time….get in on this with me!

This program is on sale all of July 2016 with the sandbag included💪

Shoot me a message or send me an email for the deets! (

#hardcorps #getsome

Weekly Meal Prep Example

MEAL PREP —> doesn’t have to be scary!

meal prep3

I receive messages from time to time about what exactly I eat so I decided to share publicly this week. Here is this week all laid out on the table for you (literally)😂

A little time invested on Sunday makes the week run SO MUCH smoother on a few different levels: 
1) it prevents me from mindlessly shoving food in my face (most of the time😉)
2) It actually ends up SAVING time (ex: I was cooking chicken for today anyway, why not cook an entire rack, spiced different ways so I can just grab n go during the week?)

Will I stray from this a bit? Totally.
I might switch a few meals around depending on my tastebuds for the day…. or add a snack if I need it. I’m still Nora’s primary source of food, so I tend to ALWAYS be hungry! Even with those hiccups, I think I still come out on top thanks to the PLAN & PREP!

For the visual learners: check out the graphic.
Those of you who prefer it spelled out….see below!


Breakfast: scrambled eggs with zucchini
Snack 1: ShakeO + banana & almond milk
Lunch: Avocado chicken wrap
Snake 2: Apple + peanut butter (AND YES, those are chocolate chips!)
Dinner: Ground Turkey Mix (sweet potatoes, peppers, onions, etc)

Breakfast: Oats with strawberry Shakeology
Snack 1: Hard boiled egg
Lunch: Tuna salad over greens
Snack 2: Smoothie Bowl
Dinner: Italian Herb chicken w/ broccoli

Breakfast: Eggs over easy w/ peanut butter & toast
Snack 1: Shakeology + blueberries
Lunch: Lemon Pepper chicken + Green beans
Snack 2: pea pods with humus
Dinner: Tacos (or taco salad)

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with spinach & tomatoes
Snack 1: nuts (sprouted pumpkin seeds + unsalted peanuts)
Lunch: Chicken Salad
Snack 2: Shakeology + coffee
Dinner: Leftovers


What are you eating this week?