Virtual FitCamp

1️⃣Fitness + 2️⃣Nutrition + 3️⃣Peer Support

I believe with 2 of the 3 above, you can be relatively successful reaching your health goals. With all three, though, you’re really setting yourself up for SUCCESS!

Every month I host online groups (off traditional social media on a a helpful tracking app!) for all women who have a health related goal. This space is here to help set you up for success. 

What to expect:
✔️daily check-ins
✔️education & empowerment
✔️meal planning & prepping
✔️grocery shopping tips & lists
✔️professional trainers & workouts
✔️superfood smoothies
✔️motivation & accountability
✔️mindset basics

Join us here: October 2022: Feel Your Best “BOO”tcamp

These groups are always free; you simply cover your resources (which you get to keep)

Coming up next: November’s theme is “9 Weeks to New Year”