Monthly Health Group

Fitness + Nutrition + Peer Support …the trifecta to set you up for success!

My Health & Wellness Team hosts online support groups for all women who have some sort of health related goal. While I facilitate them, it’s truly the interaction between the women in the groups that generates individual success.

What to expect:
✔️meal planning & prepping
✔️grocery shopping tips
✔️recipe swap
✔️professional trainers & workouts
✔️superfood drink
✔️motivation & accountability
✔️mindset basics

WEEK ONE TOPIC: Healthy Eating
WEEK TWO TOPIC: Physical Progress
WEEK THREE TOPIC: Personal Improvement

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Think this environment could be beneficial to you?
Start your enrollment here OR email me to tell me about your struggles & goals (

We start the 2nd Monday of every month!
“Pre-season” typically begins 4ish days earlier.

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Are you ready to just start?

NOTE: these groups are always free; you simply cover your resources (which you get to keep).