Not-Your-Typical Strawberry Oatmeal


We’ve ALL had that flavored instant oatmeal…”strawberries & cream” or “apples & cinnamon”…you know what I’m talking about!

Here’s a new spin with better flavor & less sugar. WHOA!

Ingredients: desired amount of oats, water, & strawberries

●Cook oatmeal as directed.
●While oats are cooking, slide & dice a few strawberries.
●Use a potato masher on a plate to turn them into mush.
●Pour strawberries on top of oatmeal (including all the juice) and mix in!

Other options: sprinkle with chia seeds, or mix in mashed banana.


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Apple Cinnamon Coconut Oatmeal

This might not be the HEALTHIEST of breakfasts, but it’s pretty tolerable considering how FANCY  it is!

apple cinnamon coconut oatmail

Add this to your weekend menu. ENJOY!

Makes two smaller servings or one large serving
{…I didn’t really measure and just sort of threw everything together on a whim while looking at a photo of something similar. Feel free to make it your own!}

coconut oil
1 apple
1 serving of oats (either milk or water- follow instructions on package)
coconut flakes
chia seed
pecans (or other nut)
brown sugar (if desired)

Slice apples into THIN pieces- set aside
Heat coconut oil in skillet, add sliced apples and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Cook one serving of oats as directed. As oats are cooking, flip apples until warm.
Lay apple mix on plate then scoop oatmeal on top. Sprinkle chia seeds, coconut flakes, pecans, and brown sugar (optional).


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