Berry Oatmeal Bake

Need to bring a item to pass at a Baby Shower or Easter Brunch? This delicious (gluten free, dairy free!) Berry Oatmeal Bake will definitely add some variety to the usual brunch spread.

This recipe is 3 year old approved, although she specifically requested “No nuts next time we make this. Okay, mom?”



Berry Oatmeal Bake

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 35 minutes
Total Time: 50 minutes
Serves: 10 (ish)
Note: for thicker oatmeal bake, double batch in same 9×13 pan and add about 5 minutes to cooking time

・1 3/4 c water (or non-dairy milk)
・3 cups UNCOOKED whole old fashioned gluten free oats (we like Trader Joe’s best)
・1/4 cup melted coconut oil
・2 eggs
・1/2 cup pure maple syrup
・1/4 cup mashed banana
・2 tsp cinnamon
・1/4 tsp nutmeg
・1/4 tsp ground cloves
・1 tsp baking powder
・1 tsp pure vanilla extract
・1/4 tsp salt
・2 cups fresh berries chopped; set 1/2 cup aside
・1/2 cup chopped nuts – we used hazelnuts, but imagine pecans would be delicious, too

・Preheat oven to 350; move rack to lower 1/3 of oven
・Brush 9×13 pan with coconut oil
・Combine all ingredients (except nuts & 1/2 cup of berries) together in a bowl
・Pour combined ingredients into baking pan; sprinkle nuts & 1/2 cup of berries on top
・Bake 35 for softer set; 40 minutes for firmer set
・Let sit for at least 5 minutes before scooping & serving

Store leftovers in refrigerator for easy breakfast all week.

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non-candy Easter Basket Ideas for young kids

We don’t need help picking out candy for Easter Baskets – walk into any store and you’ll find multiple isles of options.

Coming up with creative (clutter – free!) options to fill up that Easter Basket is a little more challenging.

Here are a few of my favorites for the small humans in your house!

non candy easter basket

Most of these are interchangeable by age group…and I bet you can find quite a few in the Bullseye’s Playground Section (dollar section) at Target!

He is Risen!
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4 Tips when Flying with Infants & Toddlers

On our most recent family trip, Robert & I were chatting about our daughter’s adventures and guestimated our two-year-old has taken about two dozen flights in her life, and her first flight was at only six weeks old (I flew solo with her!). This is what happens when grandma & grandpa live 2,000 miles away 😉

Besides healthy lifestyle related topics, “Do you have any tips for flying with my little?” is definitely the number one question I get as a mama.

Time to blog & share🤗 I hope you can learn from our experience!

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The way I see it, there are roughly 3 different stages of flying…and flights are different during those different stages:
I. Infant
II. Mobile Baby
III. Active Toddler

Here are my 4 Top Tips within each of those stages. Be sure to check out the Random Insight for All Ages at the bottom!



This stage is from newborn to right before they begin to crawl

4. Just Say NO
We know your sweet baby is absolutely ADORABLE. This doesn’t mean you need to let people touch them at a germ-y airport and give “oooohs” & “ahhhhs” right in their face. I found that when I wore her in a baby carrier while walking through the airport (this is my fav for 5 months & younger), people didn’t get as close, because it also meant they were getting close to me.

3. Pack extra clothes
…for you, too! You’re a mom. Of course there’s an extra set of clothes for baby in the diaper bag. But because you’ll be holding baby the entire time, you might not want to stay in a shirt full of spit up (or worse, a blowout), so pack yourself an extra shirt, too.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask the flight attendants for support
This one especially holds true if you’re flying solo. You won’t have an extra arm the entire flight, so if you need an extra glass of water (especially if nursing), help reaching an item from the overhead bin so you don’t have to get up with babe, or ANYTHING…ring that call button. I have a friend who had a really positive experience of a flight attendant heating up baby’s stored milk.

1. Feed on the way up & way down
The sucking motion will help their little ears.
{If you’re breastfeeding and have never Nursed In Public before, I want to give you the biggest virtual fist bump and tell you you can do it! Find a cute nursing cover and go for it. BONUS: People leave you & your baby alone when you have a cover on (see #4 above) or are nursing your baby in general. Just like in the photo to the left, I kept my cover over her the entire flight, even when she wasn’t eating. No one else could see her, but I still had eyes on her.}




This stage is from when baby learns to crawl until maybe 15/18ish months. Of the 3 stages we’ve been through, IMP this one is the most challenging because they want to be on the GO, but will probably be sitting on your lap and don’t quite have a long enough attention span to stay focused on one thing for more than a few minutes. Creativity is big here. Hang in there, Mama! You’ve got this.

4. Pip Squigz!
These pip squigz were an awesome distraction/toy, especially if you have a window seat. They suction to the windows/walls/tray tables, etc. On one flight, my daughter spent quite a bit of time moving an empty cup back and forth between them.

3. All the snacks, all the time
Snacks make me happy, too. Need I say more?
(This is probably what they’ll spend most of the flight doing, so have extras)

2. Bring Something New
Bring your child’s favorite toy, of course… but be sure to grab fun textured toys they haven’t seen before (or at least in a while). Remember to bring their lovey, favorite bear, or blanket or anything else to encourage snuggling since they’ll likely be on your lap.

1. Again, feed on the way up and way down
…the sucking motion helps their little ears. (If nursing/bottles aren’t an option, encourage pacifier/sippy cup)



This stage is about the 18ish month mark and older. Kids can fly on your lap until they are 2-years-old, at that time they need their own seat.

4. All the snacks, all the time
…you’ll be glad you packed extra.

3. Travel Potty Seat
If your child is potty trained/ing, this travel potty seat is a lifesaver in public places. The legs fold out so it can sit across a bench, or fold down for you to use an absorbing bag in the middle. Finally, they fold under and inside a very thick, portable bag and can slip inside your diaper bag without “germing up” everything else inside.  (We use it when we’re out & about running errands, too)

2. Download their favorite show ahead of time
IMG_6010With Amazon Prime/Netflix, etc you can download episodes to a device that will stay there for 48 hours. We grabbed a kids’ pair of headphones from Target, downloaded 3-4 episodes of Daniel Tiger to my old phone, and called it a day. We aren’t big on much screen time at home, but our philosophy is that traveling is a special time for special treats…which makes her love watching shows even more. This tip should really be a tie for #1.

1. Get their jaws moving on the way up & way down

sippy cup, snacks, pacifier…whatever! It’ll help their ears with ascending & descending.

In a (mostly) chronological order

Schedule Flight during Naptime
I don’t have much to say on this because Nora has always put herself to sleep (vs. falling asleep in our arms) so she rarely sleeps on planes anyway. BUT! Many moms have told me this has been a life saver for them. You know your kiddo best!

Choosing to travel with a Stroller vs Carrier
IMG_6006This is a tough one! I (almost) say both!
…like in this photo- HA!

The Stroller is really helpful to have during your time in the airport. It’s a place for baby to be so you don’t have to hold him/her the whole time…and they have a place to sit when you need to use the bathroom (assuming you’re traveling solo). Having a stroller at your destination might be nice, too. Remember you can check this at the gate for free. The younger they were, the more helpful I found the stroller. By about 2, they won’t want to sit in it anymore anyway.
The Carrier is also helpful to have because it’s way less bulk than a stroller, baby thinks you’re holding him/her, but you still have your hands free. I’ve liked having the carrier at ALL stages….both very new infant to wild toddler. This is my favorite carrier from newborn to 5ish months….and this is my favorite carrier from 5ish months to toddlerhood. NOTE: Multiple attendants  from different airlines did NOT let me wear Nora in flight. Not sure why, but seems to be the consensus.

Arrive Early
You’re GOING to take longer to get through the airport than you do when you fly alone. You’ll definitely have extra items, and it’s possible you’ll have at least one unexpected setback (like the time I was flying alone with Nora and forgot BOTH our passports AND my bag was overweight. I was frantically throwing shoes away to make weight while on the phone trying to get my passports to the airport….and holding a baby. Not my best moment🤦🏻‍♀️). Give yourself extra time for a mishap.

Checking In
IMG_4982When you check your bags, ask the agent if there are any open seats on the plane. If so, request to be moved next to that open seat, so you can have the extra space…even if it’s the very last row. That extra space makes a BIG difference!

Gate Checking Car Seats & Strollers
Any airline we’ve flown allows you to check both car seats & strollers at the gate for free, instead of checking them right when you get to the airport. Does this mean lugging them through the airport on your own? YES. But it also means less hands on your seat, throwing around of your seat, and likelihood of your seat getting damaged. If your child is still in the carrier that clicks in the stroller, it’ll be a breeze to get through the airport anyway, and you might actually find it helpful. (see stroller vs carrier below)

Use a Travel Bag for your Car Seat 
That all being said, I hiiiiiiiighly recommend purchasing (or borrowing) a car seat bag if you’re going to check it. It’s not required, but the one time I didn’t use bag, her seat came back totally moist after the flight. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. The bag will also protect any straps from getting snagged or pulled. If your child is already out of the carrier but needs the convertible to wherever you’re going, we like this bag because it has both wheels and a backpack option. (I know ours wasn’t that expensive; google a promo code before buying)
NOTE: airlines make it pretty clear they are not responsible for any damage to your seat. If you have a seat available on the other side of your flight so you don’t have to travel with one, that’s your best bet.

IMG_9080Plan on grabbing a beer🍻
High Five! You’re almost through security!
(I think this one is pretty self explanatory.)



Going through TSA Security
Don’t sweat this. You’re GOING to take longer getting yourself, baby, and all of baby’s stuff through. The people around you can wait. That being said, here’s what to expect. If you’re wearing baby, you’ll have to take off the carrier, put it through the machine, and hold baby through the scanner. If you have your stroller, take out baby, fold it up to slip through the machine (almost all models of strollers are made to fit), hold baby and walk through the scanner. If you’re traveling solo, ask a TSA agent to help move you along….there is ALWAYS an one standing around.

Traveling with a Breast Pump
Story time! I had THE SWEETEST OLD MAN agent give me this advice the very first time I flew. (Let me back up; don’t check this item. Count it as one of your carry ons.) My first time flying with Nora, I was alone. I got pulled aside to get the pump scanned separately (which happens a lot). He told me that whenever my pump gets pulled aside to be checked separately, ask the TSA agent to change their gloves AND the swab pad they use to swipe over the electronics. Who knows what both items have touched before your pump. Ever since then, no other agent has offered that advice, but EVERY single one has obliged to change both swab and gloves without even the slightest eye roll. I’ve never forgot this message.



Walk it out at Airport
If your child is walking, don’t wait at the gate for your plane. Do laps in the area to keep them moving; they’ll already be stuck long enough on a plane. Some airports have indoor playgrounds, so take a peek at the map to see if there is one near your gate.


If this is your first flight with baby, go ahead and preboard during the designated time for infants & toddlers. Getting settled (including your nerves!) is very satisfying.
If you’ve flown before with your kids and know the drill, I recommend being the last people on the plane…assuming you don’t need overhead space (something we stopped using a while ago). You will already be stuck in that seat long enough, I decided that sitting there the extra 30-40 minutes while everyone else boards was just too much.

Clorox/Lysol Wipes
As soon as you find your seat, wipe down the tray table, seat back, headrest, window, everything else as soon as you sit down. I don’t think it’s being germophobic at all…especially with the way the flu is flying around this year. Your kid is going to touch ALL of those things during your flight, and probably put their mouth on some. Don’t be shy about cleaning them up first.

Planes have way more background noise than you think, Mama. Yes, you’re going to hear your own baby fuss because they’re right there, but there is SO MUCH interior noise… chances are your little one isn’t nearly as loud to those around you as you think. I promise.

And lastly, have fun on your adventure!
Plan ahead to ease stress, but don’t get caught up in what bystanders think of your parenting. You’re doing G R E A T.

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PS: If you have extra tips to offer readers, please comment below to add your insight!



a Mama’s #TransformationTuesday

Daaaang. Those cheeks!
(Where are my eyes?!☺️)

10 years

⬅️on the left
Almost 20
Gym time: 2-3x/week
Nutrition: beer & pasta
Sophomore in college
Having a fun day with my niece🤗

➡️on the right
A few weeks shy of 30
Home workouts: 4-6x/week
Nutrition: delicious & healthy
Has had 1 baby & currently 4+ months pregnant
Having a fun day with my daughter🤗

MOMS- It’s a freaking blatant LIE that you have to “let yourself go” after you have kids or believe that “my best body was from my early 20’s” or other things your great aunt & elderly neighbor have (in love) told you.

^^^It tugs at my heart whenever I hear that…not because it doesn’t happen, but when moms have heard it so much they believe it to be truth😔

I hope I can show you otherwise.

Let me be crystal clear.
There’s probably not a whole lot I would change about my college years. I enjoyed that time in my life.

Let me be crystal clear.
Solely getting in shape isn’t going to make you happy. Said it, meant it. But leading a healthy lifestyle & fueling your body correctly WILL help your body operate at an optimum state…and spill over other parts of your life.

Let me be crystal clear.
I believe so strongly in self love, no matter what you look like. I’m happy in BOTH these photos. In each one, I’m having a good day with my favorite little people💕 But today, I feel so much more confident in myself and my ability to leave an impact on other people’s’ lives. Of course I will attribute some of that to growing up over the course of a decade, but if I’m being honest I’m also really proud of the work I’ve put in to living a healthy lifestyle for my family.

Ready to start writing your own story?
Early Bird Enrollment is open for my February Online Health Group 💪

I’ll help you pick a workout program that fits YOU.
It’ll come with a food guide to be sure you’re FUELING up correctly.
Daily group check-ins (totally OFF regular social media platforms) & me as your coach

Headband freebie to anyone who commits by the time January is up!
Email me for details & questions, or get started on your own here!


7 Things to Keep in Mind when Visiting a Newborn

New babies can be an exciting time for both Mama & friends! Here are a few things to keep in mind when visiting your friend and her newborn.

(1) Go visit, love, then leave.
Don’t overstay your welcome. Between lack of sleep and the time it takes to feed (anywhere between 8-12 hours/day in the beginning; basically a full time job) mom & dad are short on time. While they’re excited to see you & show off their new babe, it’s likely they don’t have the same amount of time for you as they have in the past. Love on their new baby, then leave.

(2) If you’re going to bring a gift…
…my friends and I have a rule that says, “Friends don’t buy friends snaps” Stick with the zipper option when buying jammies. Snaps get to be a lot, especially in the middle of the night
Consider bringing clothes that are 6+ months in size; it’s likely the newborn size is already covered between the baby showers and other visiting friends. If you’re going to do this, think ahead about the seasons (ex: A baby born in July will not need a size 6 month summer dress because it will be winter when that baby is 6 months old).
don’t forget Mama! A bag of coffee or a few new K-Cups go a long way.

(3) Offer to help around the house
While you’re there, ask if you can load the dishwasher, switch over the laundry, or take out the trash. First time parents will probably refuse, but you can gently ask a second time. This doesn’t need to consume your entire visit (remember – it’s going to be short!), but something small like this is very helpful and will go a long way.
(New moms: if you’re reading this, just say “YES!”)

(4) Bring (healthy!) food
This might be best to set up ahead of time, but ask if you can bring a prepped meal or some sort of dish/side/snack so they can grab when short on time. (These banana bites and this quinoa side are awesome options!). I say “healthy” mostly because they probably have enough other sweet treats from others.

(5) Offer support…which doesn’t necessarily mean advice
It’s true new parents are overwhelmed and you’ll often hear them say something like, “I have no idea what I’m doing!” but this is not necessarily a window for you to offer your unsolicited advice. Remember that every parent & baby are different, and just because they’re doing something than what worked for you & your baby, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. If they ask for advice or mention something they’re struggling with, then share your experience….but beyond that simply offer support & encouragement.

(6) Don’t forget the big kids! 
If the baby has older siblings, be sure to take a little time to play with them, too. Mom & Dad will really appreciate it.

(7) Remember, this visit is about them (not you!)
While nuzzling a newborn will probably bring back so many fond memories of your own baby, but keep this visit about THEM. Complement THEIR baby, ask questions about THEIR birth, tell them THEY’RE doing a great job.
There’s no better way to make them feel special, and talking about yourself & your experience takes away from that. (For example, when they tell you their baby was 7lbs 8oz at birth, immediately responding with “Oh, [your baby’s name] was only 6lbs 5oz when born” takes away from their experience. Instead, try something like, “Aw that’s perfect! I love when they’re this little!”).  Pocket all your thoughts about your own newborn life for now, there will be time to have a more mutual conversation down the road.

Enjoy your newborn visit! I know mom & dad are excited you took the time to come over…they’re excited for you to meet their new babe!

That first year was a complete mess.


boot camp

I still consider us the newbies…4+ years in.
…but this weekend I was chatting with not one, not two, but three other girlfriends/wives that are in a very similar spot I was in this photo at graduation. Two reached out to me (see – I must have some experience & be approachable) and those two convos lead me to reach out to one more gf just to say hello.
You guys. That first year was a complete mess.
It went something like this…
…I quit my first big girl job.
…Got married.
…Moved across the country where I knew nobody.
…My new husband was gone/training often.
…The job hunt was draining.
I hadn’t even lived there two months before I went back home for a two week “break”…
For the first time as an adult, I felt like I had almost zero control over anything. I wasn’t contributing financially. I had no local friends. Job searching in an area with zero networking was exhausting.
Living that way was NOT what I was used to.
I needed routine.
I craved just one area in my life that I could control.
I made the decision that “one area” was going to be my health. (After all, I surely had time. Remember? no job. a couple acquaintances, but no friends. busy husband.) Where did I start, though?
In high school, I was a three sport athlete. When college rolled around, I had no idea how to train because I was used to the drills and workouts my coaches made for me; I never had to put any thought into it before college. If I made it to the gym (that’s a big IF)…I sort of puttered around on whatever machines were open, never making progress.
Right about the time I made this decision that with all my extra time I was going to lose my college flub, this girl I barely knew was posting on social media about these “online fitness groups” …I was confused about how I could get fit online, but intrigued nonetheless.
Now, it makes so much sense.
Think about it: we’re always DOING LIFE on our phones (I mean, I’ve been to MULTIPLE weddings thanks to Tinder) …so checking in, tracking my progress, building a support system, completing daily tasks, and learning about health fits right into this 21st century lifestyle. I had all that in the palm of my hand, a professional trainer in my living room, and superfoods in my pantry.
That was in 2013, and the system has only improved since then.
NOW…you can stream over 40 fitness programs for LESS than I bought that first ONE when I needed it the most. (ask me how- it’s just a conversation for another time)
During that 3 month program, I dropped 11 overall inches & 5% body fat, and totally reshaped my body….and that wasn’t even the goal. Obviously it was a super nice perk, but the REAL WIN was how I gained so much confidence in myself, felt drawn to a community that I knew genuinely cared for me, and learned about nutrition & how to cook for the first time in my life.
I kinda forgot about that part of my story until I chatted with those 3 lovely ladies this weekend. It brought back a whole bunch of feelings I don’t exactly like to remember, yet also reminded me of the time life presented me with the opportunity to focus on myself, and ultimately changed the entire trajectory of my career (but that’s another story for another day).
If you’re going through tough stuff…look for the opportunity in the situation to learn & grow🌱 It’s probably there, even if it takes you another year to realize it.

My world got ROCKED tonight.

My world got ROCKED tonight.

I’ve always viewed my independence as a fairly beneficial and generally positive trait.

For example…

…I can handle and take care of things on my own- Robert has specifically told me on multiple occasions he’s grateful for this because he can leave me for months at a time and never even have to wonder if bills get paid, it his child is being well cared for, if I use my best judgement when the dryer breaks/faucet leaks/dog needs meds/all the other crazy things that happen when the guys leave. Apparently that’s not true for other guys he knows.

…My independence kinda feeds into my introverted side- I tend to best “recharge” & fill my cup back up when I’m solo.

👆I still think those are okay things.


{If you’ve ever worked through a Beth Moore study, you know that lady is off her rocker in the best possible way & she says it like it is}

Tonight she told me this:

“Independence is a sign of immaturity” (as in: underdeveloped)

We can accomplish A LOT on our own. But UNIFIED, we can do that much more all while building maturity, knowledge, and expertise within the subject.

She, of course, is specifically speaking about our relationship with God and how much stronger our faith can be in a group setting.

But I instantly thought of quite a few ways in many different circles where I could easily develop relationships and/or leadership further by collaborating…tapping in…opening up…reaching out…listening.

In my marriage. At church. With my team. In my friend group. With other moms. Toward my business partners. Other wives from the command.

Dang, that sounds uncomfortable.
But I think it could be good for me, too.

Thanks, Beth. I needed you to show me this tonight.

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Apple Nachos


This treat is DELISH. It’s not quite “approved” by my regular meal plan, but it’s quite an improvement to a big bowl of ice cream or a sleeve of girl scout cookies…two items I can put down no problem 😉

I give you: Apple Nachos!

apple nachos - blog.jpeg


2 tbsp boiling water
2 tbsp nut butter
1 tbsp honey

Toppings (pictured):
sprouted organic pumpkin seeds
slivered almonds
dark chocolate chips
NOTE: you can get creative here… raisins, coconut shavings, sunflower seeds, craisins, etc. Portions are up to you – use in moderation for healthier snack.

1 apple (I like honeycrisp or granny smith)

-Bring water to boil.
-While water is boiling, slice apple into desired slivers; I prefer bit sized.
-Combine water, nut butter, and honey in a small bowl. Whip to creamy consistency – this takes a second; it gets clumpy before it gets smooth.
-In separate bowl, mix together dry toppings. The amount is up to you; enjoy in moderation for a healthier snack.
-Spread 1 layer of apple slices on plate, sprinkle with cinnamon, drizzle sauce, then sprinkle with toppings. Add remaining apples to top layer, drizzle remaining sauce, then sprinkle with toppings.


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My Team Vision

What did you want to be when you grew up?

As a youngster I probably had big dreams of being a whale trainer or working at the McDonald’s playplace, but as I hit high school they were more like: teacher, athletic trainer, veterinarian, or some sort of counseling. Even in college I didn’t necessarily have a concrete answer, but I did have two requirements: be wildly passionate about the work I do while being present for my future family.

A few years later…here I am living that out. “Grateful” doesn’t even begin to describe how fortunate I feel that I’ve been exposed to my IDEAL job so early in life. Wanna know what I REALLY do?? I help people live healthy more fulfilling lives and mentor others to do the same…while working from my house.

As my team grows, so does the vision for this community.
Some days it’s a little foggy, other days it’s crystal clear.

The crystal clear part looks like this:

-I want nothing more than to foster a culture for my team where we KNOW & whole-heartedly BELIEVE we can make a difference.

-I’m working to build a place where the focus is on lifting each other up, knowing there is room for each of us at the top.

-I see resiliency in my tribe as we work through struggles, but never enough to hold us back.

-Growth & steadfastness are at the core…knowing we are always working to be better people from the inside out.

We call ourselves &BEYOND – a constant reminder to push beyond our limits; to live beyond ourselves.

As I move forward side-by-side with the rest of my team, it fills me up more than anything when they catch on to this vision, see their own potential, stand up for what they hold dear, and ultimately create a life of FREEDOM for their families.

This train is leaving with a remarkable crew already aboard.

We have room for you, too.




This phrase means FAR more to me than the photo shows. It has defined parenthood for me up until this point. (You know- since I’m suddenly a professional parent now that I’ve been doing it for a whole 5 months😉)

…the pregnancy.
This phrase cheered me through a lonely pregnancy while my husband was deployed.
This phrase uplifted me through that extra week & one day that sweet girl went over her due date.

…the delivery.
This phrase motivated me through (30 hours of unmedicated) labor.
This phrase supported me through that TERRIBLE walk in the park (when I was already 5cm).
This phrase was repeated over & over & over & over as my body went to war.

…the first week.
This phrase helped me through that disheartening first week when I wanted to give my baby back.
This phrase guided me through those physically painful moments as I learned to feed my baby.
This phrase encouraged me during the mentally draining hours it took to teach my baby to eat.
This phrase soothed me when I was genuinely upset at how a tiny human’s life is 100% dependent on my BROKEN body.

…the first few months.
This phrase soothed me while I tried to calm a screaming infant.
This phrase got me through the times I was awake every other hour through with a sick little girl.
This phrase uplifted me when I knew I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

…the postpartum workouts.
This phrase encouraged me during my first postpartum workout at 9 weeks.
This phrase motivates me to “push play” on days I’d rather not.
This phrase helped me through every. single. rep. during yesterday’s workout.
This phrase reminds me to push continue making progress.

Yes, you. I know you can.

Sometimes all it takes is a tweak in the way I phrase the activity in my head. Changing “This is really hard” to “I can do hard things” makes all the difference. Give it a try-I promise you NEED to hear yourself say it.

Parenting & taking care of yourself is hard…but YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS. 


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