My world got ROCKED tonight.

My world got ROCKED tonight.

I’ve always viewed my independence as a fairly beneficial and generally positive trait.

For example…

…I can handle and take care of things on my own- Robert has specifically told me on multiple occasions he’s grateful for this because he can leave me for months at a time and never even have to wonder if bills get paid, it his child is being well cared for, if I use my best judgement when the dryer breaks/faucet leaks/dog needs meds/all the other crazy things that happen when the guys leave. Apparently that’s not true for other guys he knows.

…My independence kinda feeds into my introverted side- I tend to best “recharge” & fill my cup back up when I’m solo.

👆I still think those are okay things.


{If you’ve ever worked through a Beth Moore study, you know that lady is off her rocker in the best possible way & she says it like it is}

Tonight she told me this:

“Independence is a sign of immaturity” (as in: underdeveloped)

We can accomplish A LOT on our own. But UNIFIED, we can do that much more all while building maturity, knowledge, and expertise within the subject.

She, of course, is specifically speaking about our relationship with God and how much stronger our faith can be in a group setting.

But I instantly thought of quite a few ways in many different circles where I could easily develop relationships and/or leadership further by collaborating…tapping in…opening up…reaching out…listening.

In my marriage. At church. With my team. In my friend group. With other moms. Toward my business partners. Other wives from the command.

Dang, that sounds uncomfortable.
But I think it could be good for me, too.

Thanks, Beth. I needed you to show me this tonight.

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My Team Vision

What did you want to be when you grew up?

As a youngster I probably had big dreams of being a whale trainer or working at the McDonald’s playplace, but as I hit high school they were more like: teacher, athletic trainer, veterinarian, or some sort of counseling. Even in college I didn’t necessarily have a concrete answer, but I did have two requirements: be wildly passionate about the work I do while being present for my future family.

A few years later…here I am living that out. “Grateful” doesn’t even begin to describe how fortunate I feel that I’ve been exposed to my IDEAL job so early in life. Wanna know what I REALLY do?? I help people live healthy more fulfilling lives and mentor others to do the same…while working from my house.

As my team grows, so does the vision for this community.
Some days it’s a little foggy, other days it’s crystal clear.

The crystal clear part looks like this:

-I want nothing more than to foster a culture for my team where we KNOW & whole-heartedly BELIEVE we can make a difference.

-I’m working to build a place where the focus is on lifting each other up, knowing there is room for each of us at the top.

-I see resiliency in my tribe as we work through struggles, but never enough to hold us back.

-Growth & steadfastness are at the core…knowing we are always working to be better people from the inside out.

We call ourselves &BEYOND – a constant reminder to push beyond our limits; to live beyond ourselves.

As I move forward side-by-side with the rest of my team, it fills me up more than anything when they catch on to this vision, see their own potential, stand up for what they hold dear, and ultimately create a life of FREEDOM for their families.

This train is leaving with a remarkable crew already aboard.

We have room for you, too.


Believe in your SELFie

I’m DEFINITELY “pro-selfie”…here’s why!

Untitled (3)

{I’ve been there…the “why does she post photos of herself?!” mentality}

Here’s the thing, though:
It could be MUCH, MUCH worse. Instead…
●She might have terrible self-image.
●She might not think she’s pretty “enough” (whatever that means).
●She might have this unrealistic expectation of herself.
●She might feel she can’t live up to YOUR standards.
…and all of that is far worse than posting a photo of herself. 

Does it matter WHO took the photo?

Now…I know PLENTY of CONFIDENT women who choose to share pictures of their dogs & kids & adventures instead of themselves…I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about the women who think about posting a photo of themselves, but ultimately DON’T do this because they feel judged.

It’s YOUR profile. People come to see YOU.

#loveyourSELFie #empowereachother #nojudgement #positivity

I dare you to step outside your comfort zone & post a selfie today!

{…and give a second thought to clicking that “like” button next time “she” posts a selfie. She might just be needing it 💜 }