Clean Eating FAIL! Not-so-delicious brownies

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Typically speaking I have three requirements when it comes to cooking:
1) Must be healthy
2) Must be easy
3) Must be delicious

Every now and then one of these gets pushed to the wayside; there are times I definitely attempt a dish that is NOT easy….also times I indulge in something that isn’t healthy. There are even {rare} times I’ll choke down something that isn’t delicious because I’m in a hurry and I know it’s good for me.


These 4 ingredient brownies were pretty easy and I guess somewhat healthy, but ohmygoodness they were so gross. I actually threw them away!

Sharing this recipe with you anyway; perhaps you can improve upon it {or just get a good chuckle out of it}. I am completely okay admitting when something doesn’t work out the way I would have preferred!

Here we go….

1) It was “healthy”
These ingredients aren’t too terrible; no flour or added sugar

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2) It was easy!
Separate egg whites and egg yolks into two bowls.
Add honey, cocoa powder, and vanilla to bowl with yolks.
Beat whites until fluffy.
Fold in the egg whites and toss in the oven at 350 for 18-20 minutes.

photo 1-3 photo 2-7

3) It was NOT delicious (even though the photo might say so)!
Here is the finished product:

photo-13 photo-14


Maybe some of you are thinking, “Well duh. without sugar & flour dessert isn’t going to be good!” Not true….I have made plenty of flourless/sugarless treats that are pretty tasty (and not just by my standards, they’ve been husband approved, too!). This one just wasn’t one of them 😉

Better luck next time!

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