Top 4 Postpartum Products

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Having a baby, especially for the first time, is like walking into a whole new world you didn’t even know existed – ESPECIALLY when it comes to products! Where do you even start?

Here you go…my top 4 most useful postpartum products for Mama.

found at: Target (maternity section)beband

This is technically marketed as a maternity item during pregnancy. The idea is you still get to wear your regular jeans, but don’t need to button or zip them. I used it for this a little while, but actually found it much more useful postpartum.

I found nursing tanks on top of nursing bras (especially in August) got bulky, clippy, and hot. When completely unfolded, the beband easily covers from your waits to your bra.

The REAL BONUS, though, was that it almost worked as a corset (if you really need one, they make those, too). Nobody told me how JUMBLED my core would feel. It felt like jello; most days I had to guide my hand on the wall as I walked down the hallway because my trunk was so weak. The beband worked as almost an “ace bandage” to help hold everything secure.

I ended up buying a second one in another color and wore them for about the first 6 months!


NUMBER THREE: Honest Company Nipple Balm
found at: Target,


Days 4 & 5 of my daughter’s life were the HARDEST of my life. I would actually go through that 30 hour labor all over again instead of those 2 days. I mean that. Everything is so mentally draining and physically painful. {It probably didn’t help my entire team of leaders was relaxing in a beach house at a retreat in Myrtle Beach at this exact moment AND I was stressing that my husband was going to leave to finish out his deployment in 4 days!} Getting through those days is SO worth it, though. SO WORTH IT. I learned to feed my baby and she learned to eat. Eight months later we’re still going strong.

…but I digress. Breastfeeding Mamas…get this nipple balm.

I tried FOUR different nipple balms.
Don’t do that.
Just try this one first.
There is nothing like it.


NUMBER TWO: Epsom Salt
found at: any drug store or pharmacy section14899720

Epsom Salt baths can help speed up recovery.

My midwife told me to take an epsom salt bath 4x/day. um. what? No new mom has time for that. At least….I didn’t MAKE time for it. I did, however, have at least one every. for about 7 weeks. Sometimes I had more. This bath actually became a good spot to nurse my baby.

Epsom Bath Directions: Simply fill the bath with about 4-6 inches of water and 1 cup epsom salt


THE NUMBER ONE best product: Witch Hazel
found at: any drug store or pharmacy section

What is this? I still don’t know. Magic witch craft I suppose?
Basically, it’s used to help heal skin abrasions. Just go buy a whole boat load of it!

I used this for TWO main things per the direction of my midwife.
1) your peri bottle will be about 8oz; fill it with 1 oz witch hazel and the other 7 water EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
2) I used it to make postpartum healing pads. Follow these directions to make your own.


There you have it! My top 4 favorite products to have on hand right after baby. Better go stock up before baby arrives!

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shakeO + pregO….do these two mix?!

{Disclaimer: Every pregnancy is different. Consult your healthcare professional before consuming…well, anything.}

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Short answer: Yes! You better believe I am pumping the absolute BEST into my body as it’s busy building a tiny human!

Let’s back up a second, though. What exactly IS Shakeology?
Straight from the creator himself, “Shakeology is a supplement that contains some of the greatest nutrient dense super foods in the world. It is carefully formulated to give life enhancing potential for healthier mind & body as and stronger performing life.” -Darin Olien

All natural; zero artificial anything.
No, it’s not a protein shake.
Nope, no weird weight loss chemicals either.

What is Shakeology

Of course, when I found out I was pregnant, I asked a friend for a recommendation of a regular prenatal pill. She gave me the rest of a bottle she no longer needed & I stopped drinking Shakeology.

That lasted about a week.

I can’t say I had anything against that particular pill, but my body could totally tell I was fueling it differently (of course, some of the “symptoms” could be pregnancy related- I won’t deny that).

I decided to actually compare the labels and was amazed at what Shakeology had to offer! I couldn’t wait for my first appointment to see what the pros had to say.

Here’s an unbiased opinion if I’ve ever heard one….
My healthcare professional was BLOWN AWAY when I showed her the bag of Shakeology. No, she didn’t ask me for a sample, but said that Shakeology on it’s own is basically a prenatal and that it has so much great stuff in it. She actually recommended I continue to drink it! (Note: she did add an additional dose of over the counter folic acid.)

shakeo post

There you have it!
Shakeology replaces my prenatal.
Shakeology provides me with (much needed!) energy.
Shakeology helps with my digestion.
Shakeology cuts my cravings for other junk food (that my baby definitely doesn’t need!).

photo-8{I realize this is slightly creepy; just making a point!}

Soooo, yup! I’m pregnant & drinking Shakeology.
Personally, I think everybody should drink it…especially if you’re pregnant 😉

Feed your body what it deserves.
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