4 Day Bathroom Transformation

We’d love to completely demo our main bathroom and build it up from scratch, but it’s probably the LAST project on our list and YEARS down the road. We woke up one morning and decided to give it a fresh coat of paint and a little face lift to hold us over until that time.

It turned into: patching drywall, painting, adding fresh caulk, and coming up with a plan B when we saw what was behind the medicine cabinet. Here’s the story!

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My husband was gone a few days for work and came home late on a Thursday night/Friday morning…and with him he brought good news of a 4 Day Weekend!

Friday morning during coffee time, I brought up the idea of repainting the bathroom since we had plans to get a new shower curtain “soon” anyway (what he didn’t know is that I already sent pictures to my interior designer Aunt the day before to ask for suggestions!).

Here is what it looked like that morning:

(I really don’t like those sea tiles!)

We took a Friday Family Trip to Bed Bath & Beyond and actually had boat loads of fun picking out curtains and mixing & matching accessories. A quick stop on the way home at Home Depot for paint and we got started!

The first thing that needed to go was the medicine cabinet. It was old & dingy and we didn’t really even use it. Our thought was to put a flat mirror in it’s place to open up the room a little bit more…per the suggestion of my Aunt 😉

As it turns out…the tile was cut to go around the medicine cabinet and we had zero desire to customize a mirror to fit that spot. BONUS: We ended up getting a huge mirror that covered these awful fish tiles! It ended up being perfect 🙂

Processed with MOLDIV

(goodbye sea tiles!)

Next project was to paint….and after taking everything off the wall re remembered there was a huge hole from where the previous owners had CAULKED on the hand towel hanger (yes, you read that correctly). Initially we just hung a clock over it, but figured it was time to make it right…and Robert was eager to learn a new skill anyway.


Last thing to do was paint, hang the towels, and lay down a cute rug!

It took about four days from idea to complete — then another 3 weeks to actually hang the clock & photo. Ha!

Here’s the final result:


…and we honestly had a fun time putting this together!

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