My Team Vision

What did you want to be when you grew up?

As a youngster I probably had big dreams of being a whale trainer or working at the McDonald’s playplace, but as I hit high school they were more like: teacher, athletic trainer, veterinarian, or some sort of counseling. Even in college I didn’t necessarily have a concrete answer, but I did have two requirements: be wildly passionate about the work I do while being present for my future family.

A few years later…here I am living that out. “Grateful” doesn’t even begin to describe how fortunate I feel that I’ve been exposed to my IDEAL job so early in life. Wanna know what I REALLY do?? I help people live healthy more fulfilling lives and mentor others to do the same…while working from my house.

As my team grows, so does the vision for this community.
Some days it’s a little foggy, other days it’s crystal clear.

The crystal clear part looks like this:

-I want nothing more than to foster a culture for my team where we KNOW & whole-heartedly BELIEVE we can make a difference.

-I’m working to build a place where the focus is on lifting each other up, knowing there is room for each of us at the top.

-I see resiliency in my tribe as we work through struggles, but never enough to hold us back.

-Growth & steadfastness are at the core…knowing we are always working to be better people from the inside out.

We call ourselves &BEYOND – a constant reminder to push beyond our limits; to live beyond ourselves.

As I move forward side-by-side with the rest of my team, it fills me up more than anything when they catch on to this vision, see their own potential, stand up for what they hold dear, and ultimately create a life of FREEDOM for their families.

This train is leaving with a remarkable crew already aboard.

We have room for you, too.


Have you heard of EVEN Hotels?

Have you heard of Even Hotels?
Me either.

This morning I booked our stay in NYC at an EVEN Hotel…solely based on price & location. Really.

The website boasted a “happy, healthy place” that “welcomes wellness-minded travelers”…I thought it was an interesting claim & mostly just marketing, but wasn’t really expecting a follow through.

After digging a little further, though, EVERY ROOM has an “in room training zone & fitness kit” (take a peek at this stock pile photo –a yoga ball & resistance bands included?! AWESOME). …and I have Beachbody On Demand that will stream the same workouts I’m used to back home in San Diego.


I don’t even have to awkwardly go to the hotel gym and stream from my phone while people give me funny looks. #beentheredonethat It’s like they know I workout from home! 

I think this hotel was made specifically for coaches.

Other perks include: spa like showers, cooling eucalyptus sheets, black out shades, coffee maker & refrigerator (hard to come by in New York, it seems), and with all of that in the room … I can only imagine the ambiance of the public space and the food options!

I’m REALLY excited to check-in! Not sure I’ve ever felt this way about a hotel before🤔

Expect a blog post & review in a few weeks🙌🏻


New fitness program? I’m skeptical…

22HC— I’m a little SKEPTICAL —

Can you blame me?

My husband is in the Armed Forces, and I was (indirectly) there while he went through some intense training. His days were WAY longer than “22 minutes” (😂😂😂) … so I’d by lying if I said the title of this new fitness program didn’t throw me for a little spin. Being real.

Here me out, though, on why I’m giving “22 Minute Hard Corps” a shot anyway….

1️⃣The idea behind this program came when our CEO didn’t want the “u-rah-rah encouraging cheerleader” type of trainer during a morning workout….he wanted somebody yelling at him, telling him what to do.
➤I have days I need this, too.

2️⃣ A good friend was a participant in the official “test group” before it was released to the public, and her results are 👌
➤I’m curious if I can have similar results.

3️⃣Tony Horton (the 22 Minute Hard Corps trainer) is also the creator of P90X….which is a very credible program.
➤I know P90X revolutionized home workouts – I’m interested.

4️⃣I’m short on time, and since my goal (like many of you) isn’t to be in the military but I wouldn’t mind that style of workouts.
➤This seems like a good option.

5️⃣Ultimately, I trust the company I partner with to ONLY put out quality products.
➤I’ve only had good experiences; I’d like to trust them on this one, too.

PLUS- there aren’t any actors in this program…all of Tony’s backup are veterans (how NEAT is that?!)

🇺🇸I hope my skepticism slaps me right in the face!🇺🇸

If you have little to zero time….get in on this with me!

This program is on sale all of July 2016 with the sandbag included💪

Shoot me a message or send me an email for the deets! (

#hardcorps #getsome