New fitness program? I’m skeptical…

22HC— I’m a little SKEPTICAL —

Can you blame me?

My husband is in the Armed Forces, and I was (indirectly) there while he went through some intense training. His days were WAY longer than “22 minutes” (😂😂😂) … so I’d by lying if I said the title of this new fitness program didn’t throw me for a little spin. Being real.

Here me out, though, on why I’m giving “22 Minute Hard Corps” a shot anyway….

1️⃣The idea behind this program came when our CEO didn’t want the “u-rah-rah encouraging cheerleader” type of trainer during a morning workout….he wanted somebody yelling at him, telling him what to do.
➤I have days I need this, too.

2️⃣ A good friend was a participant in the official “test group” before it was released to the public, and her results are 👌
➤I’m curious if I can have similar results.

3️⃣Tony Horton (the 22 Minute Hard Corps trainer) is also the creator of P90X….which is a very credible program.
➤I know P90X revolutionized home workouts – I’m interested.

4️⃣I’m short on time, and since my goal (like many of you) isn’t to be in the military but I wouldn’t mind that style of workouts.
➤This seems like a good option.

5️⃣Ultimately, I trust the company I partner with to ONLY put out quality products.
➤I’ve only had good experiences; I’d like to trust them on this one, too.

PLUS- there aren’t any actors in this program…all of Tony’s backup are veterans (how NEAT is that?!)

🇺🇸I hope my skepticism slaps me right in the face!🇺🇸

If you have little to zero time….get in on this with me!

This program is on sale all of July 2016 with the sandbag included💪

Shoot me a message or send me an email for the deets! (

#hardcorps #getsome

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