Spruce up the Laundry Space

I grew up in the Midwest where laundry rooms are all….INDOORS!

While looking at houses in Southern California, I was a bit horrified to see the first few had their laundry space in the garage. GASP! The Garage? Cars and saw dust and tools belong there…

After seeing about 30 houses and EVERY single house was the same, I accepted this as the reality of my new home. It’s still a little weird, but I’m getting over it…especially since I had some GREAT help making my laundry space feel a little cleaner with a quick spruce!

Laundry Room

Laminate Decorative Shelf (we bout a large one and cut to size)
Brackets (we used 6)
Track for brackets (we used 3)
Tension rods (we used 2; one for each “side”)
Regular Curtain rod (we used 1 for the back wall)
Fabric of your choice
Rug of your choice

-Measure out the area you’d like to close off
-Purchase curtain rods to fit; follow hanging instructions
-Purchase shelving to fit that space based on your preferences; follow hanging instructions
-Choose material; I’d recommend something BRIGHT and CLEAN feeling for this particular space (I chose ours from Joann Fabrics)
–I wanted a looser fit for my “curtains” so I bought extra material to create the wrinkly look.
–My mom sewed these; she chose to create multiple panels rather than cut slits around the shelving brackets.
-Grab a rug (this one was about $10 at Home Goods)

All in all- the total cost was $80.00 (this will vary heavily based on your material purchased for the curtains). For me, it was definitely worth it to spruce up my laundry space!

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