5(:00) AM vs PM Workout Tips!

It’s Workout Wednesday: Whether you workout at 5:00 AM or 5:00 PM, here are 5 tips to CRUSH it.


Studies show people who exercise before breakfast burn fat more efficiently throughout the day, while happy-hour exercisers benefit from peak levels of flexibility, endurance, and strength.

What time of the day do you workout? Before you get your day started? Or just as you’re finishing it? Either way, here’s a few tips to get you started on those days you feel like saying no.

Morning Workout Tips 
1) Envision waking up early and working out AND enjoying it! It may sound silly but visualizing success is an important step! For just a few minutes before bed, imagine yourself waking up easily to your alarm, getting your workout done and feeling energized!

2) Layout your workout clothes the night before (or wear them to bed!). You want your morning to be as seamless as possible. Make it as easy as possible to get going, so make sure you don’t have to search around in the dark for your workout stuff. 

3) Do what is necessary to wake up. Put your alarm clock across the room, play some fun upbeat music or turn on all the lights.

4) Think about your coffee or healthy breakfast you will get when you are done. No, you shouldn’t “reward” yourself with food by promising yourself splurges for working out. BUT thinking about that hot cup of coffee or delicious Shakeology I am going to enjoy as soon as I am done has kick started plenty of workouts for me.

5) Don’t be afraid to ease into morning workouts. If it helps you mentally adjust to getting up for morning workouts, try every other day the first week. Work up slowly if you need to so you can STICK to it long term.
Evening Workout Tips
1) SCHEDULE IT! We’re busy! We have things to do! Sometimes they don’t all get done before bed. If you tell yourself you WILL workout between 6:30-7:15 (or whenever), it’s more likely to actually happen. 

2) Change into your workout clothes before you leave work. This might seem silly since many of my followers workout at home, but try it! Pack your clothes as if you were going to the gym, and drive home in them. You’ll be set to push play when you walk in the door.

3) Use your commute to relax & recharge. Put on your favorite music or podcast or just have quiet time. By the time you get home, you’ll be ready to go.

4) Time your meals. It is best not to work out on a full stomach, so plan accordingly. Be sure to press play before you make dinner, or not for another few hours after you’ve already eaten.

5) Once you’re home from work, don’t allow yourself to sit down (ANYWHERE!) until you workout. Not the couch, not the bed, not the kitchen chair. Try it!

There you have it…

Let me know, when do you workout? What other tips do you  have?

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