Weekly Meal Prep Example

MEAL PREP —> doesn’t have to be scary!

meal prep3

I receive messages from time to time about what exactly I eat so I decided to share publicly this week. Here is this week all laid out on the table for you (literally)😂

A little time invested on Sunday makes the week run SO MUCH smoother on a few different levels: 
1) it prevents me from mindlessly shoving food in my face (most of the time😉)
2) It actually ends up SAVING time (ex: I was cooking chicken for today anyway, why not cook an entire rack, spiced different ways so I can just grab n go during the week?)

Will I stray from this a bit? Totally.
I might switch a few meals around depending on my tastebuds for the day…. or add a snack if I need it. I’m still Nora’s primary source of food, so I tend to ALWAYS be hungry! Even with those hiccups, I think I still come out on top thanks to the PLAN & PREP!

For the visual learners: check out the graphic.
Those of you who prefer it spelled out….see below!


Breakfast: scrambled eggs with zucchini
Snack 1: ShakeO + banana & almond milk
Lunch: Avocado chicken wrap
Snake 2: Apple + peanut butter (AND YES, those are chocolate chips!)
Dinner: Ground Turkey Mix (sweet potatoes, peppers, onions, etc)

Breakfast: Oats with strawberry Shakeology
Snack 1: Hard boiled egg
Lunch: Tuna salad over greens
Snack 2: Smoothie Bowl
Dinner: Italian Herb chicken w/ broccoli

Breakfast: Eggs over easy w/ peanut butter & toast
Snack 1: Shakeology + blueberries
Lunch: Lemon Pepper chicken + Green beans
Snack 2: pea pods with humus
Dinner: Tacos (or taco salad)

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with spinach & tomatoes
Snack 1: nuts (sprouted pumpkin seeds + unsalted peanuts)
Lunch: Chicken Salad
Snack 2: Shakeology + coffee
Dinner: Leftovers


What are you eating this week? 

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