Thoughts during first run of 22 Minute Hard Corps

I got a package in the mail yesterday!
…I opened it up to find a new military style fitness program.
Basic moves, nothing fancy.
Quick. Efficient. In & Out in 22 minutes.
Have you heard of P90X? This program has the same trainer, Tony Horton.
Also—–there’s a sandbag…and it’s HUGE! (<—just like my muscles will be! 😂)


I thought I should do a little “preview” workout before the group kicks off on Monday. I think I’ll spend the next two days recovering!

😆Just kidding.
You can totally do this, too💪
It’s time to get back to the basics….

Here are my thoughts during the first stab at 22 Minute Hard Corps with Tony Horton:

“T jacks? I got this.”

“Oh, all veterans? That’s neat.”

“Pssh. I can do that”
{8 counts later}
“Well that’s harder than it looks.”

“Tony isn’t very funny. Did he really just say that?”

“Wait. Gorilla what?!”

“Okay. Tony is a little funny.”

“Nothing is funny.”

“This move emphasizes my leg-jiggle”

“Be nice to yourself, Ali…now say something positive: ‘I’m excited to see my legs strengthen with this program.'”

“Thanks for the water break, Tony.”

“I’m glad I’m on carpet and not in the dirt like they are.”

“Soooooo- cardio is hard.”

“Look at how cute Nora is over there watching me jump around look a goofball.”

“I’m tapping out. Okay, I won’t. But I really want to.”

“These moves are actually all simple. Not easy. But simple.”

“Ohhh I’m going to feel this tomorrow.”

“Where is that modifier?”

“March, Tony. I’m just gonna March.”

“This is tough.”

“There’s Tony thinking he’s funny again.”

“Is it over yet?”
Yup! It is. Because it’s only 22 minutes….a no-nonsense 22minutes!

There are about 30 of us starting the REAL DEAL on Monday. Want to join us? Get back to the basics with us!

Shoot me an email ( to get in on this!

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